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Our Expertise

Retirement Planning


Whether you retired last year, or are hoping to retire in twenty years, it is never too early or too late to develop your plan.

Brace Financial is experienced in the financial tools that are specifically useful for retirement. 

We work to develop a specific understanding of each clients needs and objectives before making any recommendations. Advice can range from a complete 180 degree change in what you are currently doing to a simple confirmation that you are on the right path. 



Insurance Products


As independent life insurance agents we contract with over 15 different highly rated insurance companies to offer our clients the most competitive options. Whether you are looking to insure your estate to cover future taxes or trying to safeguard your retirement from market or longevity risk, we have a solution for you. 

   Asset Management

Be confident your assets are invested in the allocations that match your goals. Chris and Andy can help you reach your goals through proper asset allocation and portfolio management services.




Other Services

Tax Preparation


Federal, state, and city returns, 1040, Schedule A, B, D, and E-file. 

Additional fees for other forms and schedules -business, farming, or rental property etc.




Estate Planning


Brace Financial offers a complete review of your estate plan, including: analyzing the financial impact of your current estate documents (wills and/or trusts), final expense needs, charitable giving, estate and inheritance tax planning, long term care planning, and legacy planning.

It can be either a breeze or a serious headache for your heirs, its vital to have a plan in place to efficiently deal with all aspects of your estate. We have multiple attorneys we refer clients to that aid us in the legal perspective of this type of planning. 


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